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[5th September 2003, Hong Kong] Thiz Technology Group Limited (HKGEM Stock Code: 8119) announced a donation of 20,000 sets of Linux applications with a value equivalent to RMB12million to Dalian Municipal People's Government at CEPA Dalian-Hong Kong IT Industry Forum tomorrow afternoon. The project serves as an auxiliary of "Digital Dalian Campaign" which encourages the development of Linux business and IT infrastructure in the city.

According to the project, Thiz Technology Group will donate a huge amount of its new products, including ThizLinux Desktop 7.0, which is the first Asian distribution certified with internationally recognized LSB 1.3, ThizOffice 4.0 and Thiz Server 6.0, to Dalian Municipal People's Government, as a response to CEPA. In Hong Kong and Taiwan, Thiz's products have entered the market of government successfully. Many departments recently adopted Linux desktop system, open-source office suite and related anti-virus software. The collaboration with Dalian Government this time lays a concrete foundation to the Group's future development of government market in China. It also helps promoting ThizLinux in northeast China and establishing a leading role in Linux market in the country.

"Thiz Technology Group is interested in establishing "e-government training base" for civil servants in Dalian with the Municipal People's Government," Mr. Albert Wong, the CEO of Thiz Technology Group, said. "We target a deeper penetration in the city where we can set up a base of Linux training not only to the civil servants, but also enterprises."

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